Offices and Office Holders

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Offices and Office Holders


Bishop Designate the Rt.Rev. Rodney Thomas




 [1] His Grace, the Archbishop

His Grace the Archbishop, is the Spiritual Head of the Diocese after GOD.


[2] His Lordship, the Bishop

His Lordship the  Bishop is the assistant  to the  Archbishop

He is the Line of Succession   to  His Grace the Archbishop.


[3] The Bishop Designate

He is the Line of Succession to  His Lordship the Bishop ,but still functions as an area Bishop.


[4] The Bishops

They are the assistants to His Grace the Archbishop and His Lordship the Bishop  in their administrative and ceremonial duties.

They are to strive to build in Christ a fraternal community ,in which GOD is sought and loved above all.

They are to chide [admonish] the restless, console the fainthearted and be patient with all.


[5] The Mother Superiors.

The Mother Superiors are the Principal Officers of the Mothers Union and are responsible for the female sect of the ministers of the Diocese. There are two[2].

Together with the Chairperson they are responsible for the running of the Mothers Court and are to devote themselves to their office with diligence, together with the members entrusted to them.

They  are to screen all female candidates  for ordination and make recommendation to the Dean.

They  are to strive to build in Christ a fraternal community , in which GOD is sought and loved  above all.

They are to ensure the members are given opportune assistance in their personal needs.  They are to be  solicitors in caring and visiting  the sick.

They are to chide [admonish] the restless, console the fainthearted  and be patient with all.


[6] The Archdeacons

They are senior  Reverend Ministers.

They are the assistants to the Bishops in ceremonial and administrative functions.


[7] The Reverend Ministers.

The Reverend Ministers are entrusted with the administration of Baptism, the Sacrament and prayer for those who are in danger, anointing the sick without prejudice and imparting blessings.

Performing marriages, conducting funerals, christenings, and performing solemn celebrations of the Holy Eucharist [Communion]

They are also entrusted with pastoral care of the members , which must be administered in a stable manner with the attention pastoral care demands and discreetly give spiritual counsel to the faithful entrusted to their care and preach the WORD of GOD.


[8] The Reverend Mothers

They are to serve the Church by providing a balance , supportive ministry of preaching, teaching and organizational leadership to the congregation, as well as to ensure that the Church grows to its fullest potential in membership and spiritual maturity.

They are to work closely with the Pastor/Minister/Leader providing through prayer, study and service an effective program of stewardship and education for the Church.


[9] Deacons & Deaconesses.

The Deacons & Deaconesses are assistants to the Reverend Ministers & Reverend Mothers respectively.


[10] Brothers & Sisters

The general congregation of the Church.