The Home for The Aged

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The Home for The Aged






The Mt. Paran Home for The Aged is the Social Welfare institute of the W.I.U.S.B.S.O. Inc

                          Est. 8th September,1993.   Reg.# M3355[95]



 “We are committed to providing Holistic  Care  with dedication and perseverance for the well being of all our clients. Maximum comfort and privacy are ensured with the intention of Spirituality being maintained  to encourage a sense of well being for the client and all individuals involved.”



The Home for the Aged is a separate entity  and is run by a Board which is answerable to the Chapters Board and the Central Committee .

Matron- Nurse. Sis. Dolores  Ferguson.

Supervisor/Secretary - Rev. Mth. Gloria Harewood.



The Beginning.

The Home for the Aged is located at  #132 Southern Main Rd, Bamboo Village, Trinidad. A property willed to the Diocese by the late Mt. Matrina Lewis for the said purpose.

On Wednesday 28th April 1993,after attending a meeting concerning the Home for the Aged, and a conversation with  Mth. Materina Lewis, Sis. Gloria Harewood and Rev. Mth. Majorie Humprey began work on the establishment of the Mt. Paraná Home for the Aged. Promises from various mothers of the Dioceses [Rev. Mth. M. Humphrey; Mth. T. Williams; Rev. Mth. E. Peters; Rev. Mth. Sup. L. Nurse]  and well wishers of linen, beds, foodstuff, finance, etc. were called in and collected.

In a meeting on May 4th, 1993 concerned was raised for the care of the inmates and general upkeep of the home since it was a great financial responsibility. It was explained that work in home would take place on a voluntary  basis and with donations from the Mothers  Court and well wishers until the home could stand on its feet and employ workers. Donors were Mth. Magaret Hutchison; Rev. Mth. E. Peters; Rev. Mth. Sup. L. Nurse; Rev. Mth. Sybil Brown; Rev. Mth. M. Mclean; Deaconess L. Ferdick; Sis. Gloria Harewood; Mth. Matrina Lewis; Sis. Joyce; Sis. Clarista; P. Ferguson.; Pastor E. McMillan; Sis. E. Thompson; Mth. D. Lancaster; Sis. Linda Walters; Mth. Myrtle Lewis; Teacher  Pearl Gittins, Mt.Pisgah S.B.Church.

The Mt. Paraná Home for the Aged was opened on the 8th  September,1993 with [two] 2 inmates, with an income of [450.00]four hundred and fifty dollars and a voluntary staff .

Today  the Home houses [12] twelve inmates, with a nursing staff of [3] three, a cook, and a doctor on call [24] twenty four hours a day, and still with voluntary help of mothers of the Court and well wishers.

Tomorrow, when the present repair and hoped expansions are completed, the Mt. Paran Home for the Aged will be an ultramodern facility housing [22]twenty-two inmates with a nursing staff of [7] seven nurses, [2] two cooks, a doctor on call and other staff.

The management is going forward with unwavering faith in GOD.



The Mt. Paran Home for the Aged  is funded by the fees paid by inmates. fundraising ventures by the Mothers Court and donations from members of the Dioceses and well wishers.

Donations from Corporate citizens and individuals are welcomed.