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About Us



by Dean the Rt.Rev. A. Daniel.



The Spiritual Baptist Faith is based on Spirit and faith. We operate strictly by divine inspiration and not by the imagination of our mind, which means that we wait on the Lord for His divine direction.

While waiting on the Lord, we steady the mind by having a relationship with Him , and endeavor to achieve the highest stage of consciousness, so that we are not easily misled by any wind of doctrine . As a result we walk by faith and not by sigh : therefore we never get weary working , because faith without work is dead.

Now faith is the assurance of the things we hope for and the conviction of the things not seen. Our foundation is on faith. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God. For this reason we have many messages to deliver from God. God deals with us by the measure of our faith and we are justified by faith.

When there has been inspiration and a reaching out for the spiritual life , the faith faculty becomes active and so is the operation of the Spiritual Baptist Faith. Therefore, the light of faith does not destroy the natural light of knowledge which is inborn.

God who is the author of this Faith does not oppose knowledge which is wholly in the testimony of Him , and its infallible certitude.

The transcendent nature and the incomparable dignity of the Word of God posses faith. The act of our Faith is to reveal the truth , as it has been spoken by God. The assent of him who has faith unshakeable.

Therefore our Spiritual Baptist Faith is unshakeable.