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The Strengths of The Spiritual Baptist Faith.



When Jesus Christ was about to leave the World he made his will. His soul he committed to his Father [Luke.23:46]; his body he bequeathed to Joseph, to be decently interred[Luke.23:50-53];his clothes fell to the soldiers[Luke.23:34]; his mother he left to the care of John [John.19:26-26]. But what should he leave to his poor disciples, that had left all for HIM? Silver and gold he had none ; but he left them that which was infinitely better ,[John.14:27] His PEACE. His peace , which he earned for us by giving his life for us is our legacy/inheritance. But we must also earn it. We have to work for it. The aim of all believers in every Religious Discipline is this Peace, and in its pursuance various practices are developed and maintained which are peculiar to that Discipline. The Spiritual Baptist as well. These practices can be said to be the strengths of the Discipline. In a workshop /practical theology session the tutors of the Herman Parris Southland S.B. School of Theology identified the followings as the Strengths of the Spiritual Baptist Faith.


1 .The Faith Provides its members with knowledge and strength for daily living.: [some individual Expressions]


[a] I have found inner satisfaction and peace, a sense of commitment to God, the joy unspeakable and full of glory, the peace that passeth understanding.

[b] I have learnt many new things and I understand more about the Holy Spirit and the mysteries of God.

[c] My new understanding has led to better relations with the brethren and a greater love for God

[d] Although it is not always obvious, I recognize and appreciate the love that exists among the members of the Faith.

[e] My reliance on the Holy Spirit for guidance has given me new strength to cope with life generally.


2. The Baptist Tradition provides a foundation or base out of which to grow. Its main strength is that It gives us a history and a source of wisdom needed for greater growth.


3. The Democracy of the Faith allows for full, meaningful and satisfying participation of the general membership in ceremonies and services.


4. The Method of Praying Praying from the heart , the chance to pour out one’s self before God’s Altar brings inner satisfaction as a result of the spiritual vibrations and virtue found therein.


5. The Length of our Service. [approximately 3 hours] is a strength of the Faith since it allows time For the movement of the Holy Spirit and for rejoicing in the Lord.


6. The free movement of the Holy Spirit is a unifying force, and the spiritual vibrations with the abilities that it releases is a source of strength.


7. The Spiritual Gifts of the Faith e.g healing, are acknowledged as a strength even to nonmembers Who come to the Spiritual Baptist s for help when others fail.


8. The Dependence on Inspiration and revelation for guidance keeps us in tune with the infinite and increases the depth of our spirituality.


9. Mourning This unique spiritual exercise provides the members with a source of spiritual growth, Knowledge of self and of the Creator and what God desires of His people by way of worship and service.


10. Thanksgiving Service A main feature of the Faith serves to prevent its membership from becoming vain in imagination and helps them to recognize God as God the Provider and Keeper of man.


11. Pilgrimages serve to unite the brethren and provide an opportunity for fellowship among members from various churches and distant places.


12. Spiritual Garments have spiritual value and purposes and the use of them strengthens spiritual vibrations.


13. The Keeping of the Altar and its vessels with due veneration is a worthy tradition to be cherished.


14. Spirit filled Preaching is more meaningful and effective than reading from a prepared sermon from a page and should be maintained as an important aspect of the Faith.